Vickers Creative is the trading name of Lee Vickers, a graphic design professional based in Glasgow.
Lee has been a professional graphic designer since 2003, initially specialising in print, page & packaging, and branching out into digital and web layouts in recent years. He worked as an in-house graphic designer from 2003 to 2010 before starting Vickers Creative during the winter of 2010/11. The goal was to create an approachable studio offering high quality, professional graphic design services to businesses based in and around Glasgow, Scotland and the UK at affordable prices.
Originally from south east London, he holds a HND in Graphic Design from Southampton Institute of Art & Design (now Solent University), and a BA degree in Graphic Communications Management from Napier University, Edinburgh. He now lives on the southside of Glasgow with a wonderful family and is currently senior designer at Start Digital Publishing in Ibrox.
He is passionate about, in no particular order,
Good graphic design
Grids, guides, and layouts
Cycling (all disciplines)
User experience
If you would like me to work with you on your project get in touch on the contact page.
Thank you!
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